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I’m a fucking weeaboo and this is my anime

somebody, throw money at me



I’m a fucking weeaboo and this is my anime

somebody, throw money at me

Collaboration between me, im-bravo and tessan12 !
We did this til like, 5am last night ohlordy.


Calliandra Cloak has returned from its summer break!



okay so ima gonna blame julia for dragging me into this cool thing. Its a cool design contest, michelle, the author of Ava’s Demon is holding up. I created a demon representing seasickness, hence her name, Nauseo, which i believe is “sea sick” in latin. her hair is made of souls that she collects and that take shape of fishes. her thing on her chest is what “captures the soul” thats it, OH WAIT, her bangs is made of fish tails! now I wish good luck to everybody that participates :D

mithril-mercenary said: Forgive my asking, but I am a fairly new reader of your webcomic, what exactly is your update schedule for Seed?

Right now? It’s pretty terrible. I can’t get myself to work on the comic as I used to and it.. Is kinda depressing. I do have the next page ready but I can’t get myself to post it.

I am having some trouble dealing with it right now as I am having trouble even just dealing with myself, but I appreciate your question.

Aahhgh my entry for the Ava’s Demon contest x3x
I’m sure there’s like a billion mistakes and things I could have improved but, I didn’t want to spend too much time on it. D;!

So yeah, I’ve drawn these characters before, but I still liked them so I hope it’s okay for me to have them in the contest. 

Either way, facts about the demon and what I imagined it to represent: 
Basically it’s supposed to be Regret. Feeling ashamed about even the smallest things. The windows are supposed to be memories, and the ones covered up with tar are pretty well suppressed memories.

That was kind of the idea. Still haven’t thought of any names for the characters but I’ll get to that eventually. @_@


Hey Pactmakers! Let’s hold a “Design your Demon” contest!

What’s the demon haunting you look like? Is it pretty and evil? Bright? Cute? Is it a total nerd that won’t let you stop playing pokemon?! Based on how you’ve seen the demons come into play in the comic, you should design your own and show it off!!

One winner will be selected to have their demon drawn digitally by myself, printed, signed, and mailed to them along with some neat merch! The winning entry will be reblogged to the front page when picked.


  1. One entry per person
  2. Post your entry on tumblr and ONLY tag it #ddcontest2k14
  3. DON’T SPAM any of the official and update tags (avas demon, avasdemonupdate, etc.) for the love of all things holy, I will not look there for winners.
  4. Do not email it, if you email it I will not count it.
  5. Entry will be picked based on originality, creativity, and execution! Including “you” in the drawing is welcome.
  6. Entries are due by Saturday, August 30th.

If you need inspiration or examples, here is a mass post of previously created fandemons.

Also, have fun!!! I can’t wait to see what they all look like!

I don’t think I often post just my traditional work without colour on them.
So, here are some of my favourites. A few of the pictures are really old but I still like them. >_<

I tend to just call these “Bus sketches” ‘cause that’s when I usually start working on them, when I’m on the bus or train… Otherwise I don’t often draw much traditionally anymore.

Todays warm up doodle ended up as Leslie Hoyden from Xamag&#8217;s Black Brick Road of OZ!

Todays warm up doodle ended up as Leslie Hoyden from Xamag’s Black Brick Road of OZ!

pppfthahahahaha goodnight

aaaa I am so excited for this. I am so happy right now.
This new album sounds so good

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Waiting for the (inevitable) upcoming beach episode of Seed the comic series

A late birthday present for my bud Drobvirks ( Julia philip )!!! 

ahahaha ohmygods wow. My body wasn’t ready. This made me laugh so much. ahgfhdsj mygod. This is beautiful I can’t even. THANK YOUFDSFD

aaaah I am dooone! Here’s the sketches from the OC request livestreams! I really hope you guys like them! It was so amazing to have you all there <3


Going to pick up the stream where I left it yesterday. Just going to finish the rest of the requests.
Come and join!